Virtual NFT horse racing universe based on blockchain and powered by $DERC ⚡️
NFT is a new type of digital asset that has recently become a hot topic in the blockchain community. NFT is so popular at the moment that even Saturday Night Live (one of the most popular American shows of all time) made a sketch explaining it via Eminem’s 2002 hit Without Me with one of the most popular comedians on the planet - Pete Davidson. The video was broadcasted on NBC (American mass media and entertainment channel) and got more than 3 million views on Youtube within a month of release.
NFT is a non-fungible token that is a unit of data stored on a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore cannot be duplicated.
And while the concept of true digital ownership is still new, there is certainly a valid argument of potentially increasing the value of an authentic, non-replicable digital artwork with completely transparent ownership. But what if you could do something profitable and fun with NFT besides just owning it?
This is where DeRace will monopolize the market.
DeRace is the first decentralized blockchain-based racehorse platform that joins millions of racehorse enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and breed NFT horses, and host races in your owned hippodromes for actual profit.
DeRace is a combination of 2 significantly growing multi-billion-dollar markets: video gaming, and horse racing, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies.
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