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Further expansion

Mobile app

The mobile gaming market is expanding rapidly and it is expected to grow even more in the coming years.
The platform can be transformed into a mobile game and be placed on Google Play, App Store, or similar app marketplaces. This would help us to expand our user base, track user data, create effective player engagement campaigns, and open up new monetization opportunities around the globe.

Third-party betting and streaming solution

DeRace's ecosystem will be enriched with 3rd party betting solution. We will integrate a betting provider (one or multiple) for the execution of bets.
Integration of a 3rd party betting solution allows us to cooperate with online and offline casinos, horse racing streaming and betting businesses, etc. NFT horse races can be streamed for different betting providers even at the same time.
Also, we will create an API for horse racing streaming platforms, online casinos and betting venues to integrate DeRace horse races in their existing solutions. We can also give exclusivity for betting partners and streaming providers on specific tournaments and events.
The betting solution completes the whole DeRace NFT horse racing ecosystem.