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Growth model

User acquisition strategy

Every new DeRace user increases successful funding for the game developers. Therefore, it is vitally important to attract and maintain a large user base.
Our user acquisition strategy is built to systematically and sustainably drive users to the platform. The following section will present the four main pillars of our user acquisition path - Affiliate Programs, Influencer Marketing, Community Angels, and Reward Systems.
DeRace also provides various user-oriented profit methods for its user base. Users can earn by owning a hippodrome, advertising, and hosting races, breeding, and trading horses, participating in the races, etc.
Also, it is important to maintain the existing user base, that is why the platform is planned to be expanded by adding new gameplay opportunities and NFT assets.

NFT marketplaces

There is a huge potential in cooperation with various NFT marketplaces. That would help the platform gain exposure and increase the player base. The players could also list their bred horses on various marketplaces, with proven winning bloodlines being worth more.