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NFT marketplace

NFT horses can be sold in the in-game marketplace or any other NFT marketplace. The owner has complete control of their NFT horses and DeRace coins stored in an assigned wallet.
The payer can buy both randomly generated or bred horses with a bloodline and race history. The horses (pre-purchased or bred) can be sold for a fixed price or via auction.
  • If the user decides to buy a horse from the marketplace for a fixed price, DeRace coins are being written off from their wallet. Purchased NFT horses are accounted to their wallet
  • If the user has purchased a horse for a fixed price from another user. NFT horse ownership is reassigned to the corresponding buyer's wallet. DeRace coins are reassigned to the user that sold the horse.
All the in-game assets are represented in selected currency - fiat or crypto. However, all the transactions are made exclusively in DeRace Coins, which guarantees constant token volume and circulating supply.