NFT horse breeding

Two NFT tokens create a third NFT token. The player selects 2 NFT horses for breeding. One must be male, another female. Both horses breeding cool-down must be at 0.
Each horse has its unique features that affect how the horse looks, breeds, and performs on a racetrack. All physical characteristics, sex, and breeding cool-down are visible for users.
Speed and stamina - are a key factor in winning the race are hidden and only can be speculated through horse appearance, bloodline (parent genetics), and previous race statistics.
Both NFT horses tokens are sent to GA (Genetic Algorithm) via Ethereum smart contract. GA generates a third NFT horse combining genes from parent horses, with +- 5% deviation (RNG factor is applied). That means that even if both parents had the property of speed 20 - their child's speed can be in norms from 19 to 21.
3rd generated NFT horse and parent horses are sent back to the corresponding user wallet via smart contract.