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DeRace fulfills the huge demand in 2 separate multi-billion-dollar markets

With the lack of games with play-to-earn features, slow digitalization, and lack of transparency of the horse racing market - there is a huge niche for DeRace. Online horse racing platforms with modern graphics, wide gameplay possibilities, and most importantly, blockchain is what the market craves.
DeRace is the first decentralized blockchain-based racehorse platform that joins millions of racehorse enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and breed NFT horses and host races in your owned hippodromes for actual profit.

Brings profit to the players

The current gaming industry is far from being player-friendly. Everything is focused on spending and losing rather than earning.
One of DeRace’s core user experience philosophies is to provide players with diverse ways to easily and instantly earn profit. There are many activities in the game that allows users to earn.
Users can earn actual profit by participating in many in-game activities: breeding and trading NFT horses, participating in races, hosting races in hippodromes, selling their analysis and predictions, participating in referral, reward, and bug report programs.

NFT takes ownership and uniqueness to the ultimate level

NFT technology in DeRace brings something that the industry has never seen before - unique assets that you can purchase, create and use in a game and make a profit from it. One-of-a-kind NFT horses.
Also, NFT guarantees the authenticity of each horse and would enable a possibility to breed new authentic horses.

100% fair and transparent

Decentralized solutions guarantee transparent, fair, private, and safe gaming to all participants of the platform.
Blockchain possesses an enticing solution to many of the problems and inconveniences that the online gaming industry currently faces. The main features that blockchain implementation brings to online gaming: transparent and provable outcomes, verified users, cheaper transactions, and near-instant fund transfers.

Personalized gaming experience

DeRace offers a brand new approach to online entertainment - a personalized gaming experience.
We focus on making every gaming experience unique by offering many ways of participation and 100% unique NFT assets to each player.

Unpredictability and exciting gameplay as never seen before

The predictable outcomes and dull gameplay are what make most gamers drop the game in the first week of playing. That’s why we use the Genetic Algorithm and RNG technology. It creates unpredictability and enables endless possibilities to outcomes of player actions.
These technologies combined with NFT create an unforgettable gaming experience that has never been seen in any other platform or game before.
DeRace is a combination of 2 significantly growing multi-billion-dollar markets: video gaming and horse racing, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies.