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DeRace Coin (DERC) utility

DeRace coin is a fuel value to the whole platform. While DeRace crowdfunding and marketplace will offer both DeRace Coins and classic payment options, all transactions will ultimately be executed using DeRace Coins. All races, winnings, horses, and item trades are done in DeRace Coins.
All the in-game assets are represented in selected currency - FIAT or crypto. However, all the transactions are made exclusively in DERC. This guarantees constant token volume and circulating supply.
Deposits via cryptocurrency or traditional payment methods like a credit card, PayPal, etc. are automatically and transparently converted to DeRace Coins (by purchasing them from coin holders) which are then used to complete the transaction.
Referral and Reward Systems use DeRace Coins. Wallet users, influencers, social media accounts, blogs, or news outlets will all receive their referral rewards in DeRace Coins.